Thursday, May 9, 2013

Applying and removing gel polish

Despite what many people are saying, using gel polish is not harmful on your nails as long as you take the proper steps to apply and remove the product. Using these simple steps will help you apply and remove gel polish in a way that is not damaging.

Applying the polish

Give yourself a simple manicure and tidy up before you start. Make sure your cuticles are in good shape and clean your nails to remove any oil on the bed.

Next follow the instructions for the gel polish you are using to ensure that you apply it correctly. Depending on what polish you choose to use, the steps you need to go through may vary. Make sure to follow all of the instructions carefully.

If you have followed the instructions for your polish correctly, once it is cured under the lamp you should have a chip free manicure for up to 2 weeks. Once the polish begins to chip, or if you get sick of the color, removing the polish is when you have to be truly careful. This is where the damage will happen if you don’t do it correctly.

Removing the polish

Use a file on the surface of your polish. This will remove the shine from it.

Grab some cotton pads and soak them in nail polish remover. You will need ten of them, one for each nail. Place all of the cotton pads or balls onto your fingers and wrap foil around them to hold them in place. You’re going to look like an alien, but don’t worry it’s effective.

After soaking for about 10 minutes remove the foil and cotton balls carefully and your polish should be able to slide right off. If there is still some stuck to your nails you can use an orange stick to scrape off any excess residue. Do not force the polish off. Let them soak for longer if you feel that the polish is not being removed easily.

If you follow these steps your nails will be clean and healthy after removal of the polish

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