Friday, May 10, 2013

How I care for my nails

People often ask me how I keep my nails in good shape. These are the methods I use whenever my nails need some tidying up.

Removing nail polish
I always use Cutex brand nail polish removers. I have found that it is not harsh on my nails and doesn’t leave them dried out. I use qtips and dip them in the remover if I have any nail polish around my skin that I want to remove.

Caring for cuticles
I enjoy using cuticle softeners from Sally’s it’s really inexpensive and it gets the job done well. I use a cuticle pusher to push my cuticles back but I never ever cut them. Cuticles are there to protect from germs and bacteria entering under the skin.

Nail filing
I always file my nails down and never clip them. I have found that clipping nails can often lead to damage and splitting.

I always moisturize my nails with cuticle oil, especially after I have used nail polish removal. I have found that sally Hansen cuticle oil products work really well. I also regularly use hand lotion to keep my hands nice and smooth

Base coats
I always use base coats on my nails before I polish them. They keep my nails strong all of the time and prevent them from breaking. They also help to keep nail polish from chipping off.

Nail polish
I swear by OPI nail polish. I think for the quality of their colors they’re actually really inexpensive and they always last for so long. Here is a list of the best nail polish brands. I am looking to branch out a bit to other brands!

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